Black Foster Tilt

Discover the new approach to the Black Foster family.

The Black Foster Tilt has a solvent tilt function, along the
same aesthetic and conceptual lines as its family.

Its recessed version offers a pleasant projection of directed light
that can be modified after installation.


The Black Foster 48V 5 Tilt version offers total freedom of movement
compatible with 48V rails.

Available in different finishes. Designed by Rubén Saldaña, product
director of Arkoslight.

Thanks to a specifically designed reflector, light rays do not bathe the light fitting
and are channeled directly to the outside without touching the screen. For this
reason, the ‘The Invisible Black‘ effect ensures that the light fitting always retains the
same appearance whether switched on or off.

The origin of the light is not seen from practically any natural position of the
observer, glare is eliminated and visual comfort is maximum.

The ‘Invisible Black’ technology is available on all versions, except for products with white lampshade finish.