Style Bar Barwon Heads

Located in Barwon Heads, this trendy new bar and salon space has just opened. Its fun pink interior works beautifully with an all-white lighting scheme, and our design focused on providing a flexible lighting layout for day or night. We’re very happy with the end result at Style Bar Barwon Heads.

SHOT M downlights offer discreet lighting behind the bar and the ART pendants really shine over the counter.  SCOPE 21 low glare cylinders accentuate the reception, LEX ECO MINI downlights do a great job of lighting the main salon, and custom ILO profiles recessed between the mirrors provide perfect illumination for hair and makeup.

It’s the ‘hidden’ lighting that makes a difference though – the SHOT miniature downlights in the main entrance and the LED strip in the joinery and underside of the bar counter and shelves.