XTM Performance, Torquay

In 2019, Sonic Lighting was called on to design lighting for XTM Performance’s new Head Office and retail showroom in Torquay.  We collaborated with XTM to ensure the lighting design and fitting selection worked harmoniously with their specific design requirements as well as providing functional illumination for the really cool offices and retail spaces.

Track lighting with TOOLOORA spots provides general lighting in the retail areas and mezzanine level.  ILO linear pendants provide task lighting over the desks in the designers offices, general office and reception area.

Incorporated into XTM’s head office is a visual merchandising showroom for buyers to view their extensive range.  Our design incorporated the ARUN panels with tuneable white LED and CASAMBI dimming over the product display table, whereby each buyer can see how each item will display in the colour temperatures used within their stores. The Arun’s colour temperature is easily adjusted using an app available for use by mobile phone.  

The building also features AVIA LED panels in the back of house working areas, recessed step lights on the stairs, SWAP downlights in the interior corridors and exterior walkways.

Lighting Design: Sonic Lighting

Photos: Jake Langenegger Photography

Electrical: Mark Berry Electrical