Rebel Sport Townsville

Rebel Sport Townsville is a brand new flagship store, just the third new large-format store in the country and the only one of its kind in regional Australia. 

The new-look stores are all about Customer Experience, and the layout features ‘experience zones’ where you can kick a football into a goal without fear of breaking the ZUGG fracture-proof tubular luminaires, or be fitted with shoes in the ‘home of basketball’ zone which stars an enormous BB HOOP feature light.

The front-of-store features a custom suspended LUNAR to illuminate the counter with LEX ECO downlights in the lower ceilings.  TAZZ and SHAQIRI track spots and JADOS suspended high-bays provide general lighting throughout the store.  The merchandise walls are well illuminated with a suspended MYRIAD ASSYMETRIC system around the perimeter, and a low-glare SINTRA SYSTEM to showcase the footwear area.

The new store concept and zones are intended to inspire customers and we can certainly see how they improve the interactive retail experience.

Lighting:  Sonic Lighting