Boundary Bend Olives

Boundary Bend is Australia’s leading producer of premium extra virgin olive oil and owns Australia’s two top-selling homegrown olive oil brands, Cobram Estate and Red Island.

Sonic Lighting were tasked with designing the lighting system for Modern Olives, their new state-of-the-art laboratory and tasting kitchens in Lara. The result was a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing space that was ready for the start of the olive harvesting season in March. All fittings are fitted with Casambi capability – controlled solely via Bluetooth and dimmed to pre-set lux levels to suit the task undertaken in the various spaces throughout the project. The fitout is completely automated with passive infrared sensors and implementing daylight harvesting, to save on energy usage when the spaces aren’t in use.

It was important that the space be designed to meet the high lux levels required on the lab work surfaces, but still keep the environment comfortable for long hours spent there during the harvest seasons. DEEP downlights are used throughout the Research & Development Lab, micro lab and Sample Receipts, with DEEP MAXI lighting up the main laboratory.

The office keeps the same theme but incorporates low UGR levels of the STRAM Prismatic and set lower lux levels suitable for computer based work. Using the circular fittings in the T-Bar ceiling makes the space softer and more inviting by incorporating organic geometry in a clinical environment, rather than the typical T-bar LED Panels often used.

Each cubicle in the taste test laboratory is highlighted by a TOP MINI miniature surface downlight, with LEX ECO downlights lighting throughout, slightly dimmed to avoid shadows. The staff kitchen also features an ILO Pendant and LED STRIP.

Architect – Pati Seiler Architect

Builder – Formula Interiors

Photographer – David Ascoli Photographer